• Cyberfeed

    The most significant Threat Intelligence, as a live feed service

    Our intelligence, optimized and processed, delivered as a realtime streaming service, tailored for Advanced organizations.

  • Streamforce for Cyberfeed

    Live Complex Event Processor

    A Complex event Processor, focused on Real-time security performance, and using open standards for integration with any system.

  • Mail Protection Hosted Services

    Cloud Solutions  for Hosted Service Providers and Hosted Enterprises

    Cloud based Email Security Solutions protecting Advanced Organizations from spam and malware.

  • Mail Protection Systems

    Appliance and VM solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises

    Email Security platforms designed for Advanced Organizations and Telcos.

  • Mail Filtering Engine

    Fast and Lightweight SDK for Email Fingerprinting and Reputation

    The Mail Filtering Engine is an API that integrates our technology into third-party platforms.

  • Mailspike IP Reputation

    Reputation Black and White lists

    A white and blacklist IP reputation service, FREE for small organizations.


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