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Our Service adds a true layer of security to your Email Ecosystem

Anubis is only focused on its Email Security Services.

Our Email Security Platform was designed for complex organizations in need for a robust security system with a high level of operationalization. It is fully capable for Fraud, Malware, and Spam detection, with added features for user control, message deliverability, and traffic routing functionalities. 

Our Service is  available for Enterprises as a Cloud Service or as OnPrem machine(s).  And also available as a Multi-tenant Cloud or Server cluster for MSSPs, Telcos, and Resellers.  The configuration is simply about routing the Email DNS records. It integrates seamlessly with any email system, including O365 and G Suite platforms, as well as many other Email systems, such as Sandbox, AVs and Archiving systems.


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AnubisNetworks' Global Threat Protection

Our Platforms stand below a powerful mesh of systems for Global Threat Intelligence, constantly evaluating Email fingerprints, Network reputation, and New Malware strains using own and third party threat detection feeds and a wide range of sinkholes. This ecosystem supports all our products , enabling real-time detection and avoidance of the latest and most advanced threats.

Integration with every Email System

Our Platforms integrate with any email platform, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, and with the most demanding network architectures. A Geo-redundant cloud standing on the most secure platforms, in Europe, ensures high robustness and availability

Security and Control protection

Our Platforms use sophisticated mechanisms and technologies to stay ahead of the latest email threats, such as Anti-fraud, DLP, Anti-spoofing, Sandbox-based Malware Analysis. as well as providing Network integration, Outbound Control, and Deliverability abilities. In summary, we have full feature Email Sec solutions.

“Email is the main vector for spreading malware and spam, and this malicious use of email seriously impairs how organizations function.
It reduces employee productivity and increases IT costs - whether by monitoring infected computers or running maintenance and identifying suspicious emails. It is therefore vital to have correct and efficient email filtering, with maximum effectiveness and minimal impact to the end user.“
Nuno Pereira  |  Information Systems Department at Casa da Música

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