About Mailspike

About Mailspike Technologies (anubisnetworks)


  • Anubisnetworks has a long standing tradition as an innovator in the Email Cybersecurity space.
  • Founded in Portugal in 2006 with the sole purpose of building a cloud based Email Security gateway that Telcos could offer to their business customers. 
  • The company evolved into other products, gained considerable success in Portugal and other European and African geographies. 
  • It was acquired in 2014 by Bitsight Technologies, the leader in Third Party Risk Management and one of the strongest players in the Cybersecurity space.
  • By 2019,  Bitsight employees spun the Email Security technologies into a new company, Mailspike Technologies, Lda.
  • Until this day, we are focused in solidifying our presence in our current markets, while rowing in innovative products related to Email Security.