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Dynamic Malware Analysis

How can Sandboxing Techniques protect your organization from attackers before they enter your network?

Add email sandboxing to your security to detect very recent (zero-day) and unknown malware.

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Hackers have evolved. It’s no longer enough to rely on signature-based techniques for malware detection. For sophisticated anti-spam, antivirus, and anti-phishing technologies, malware detection should include sandboxing techniques.

AnubisNetworks has a new Dynamic Malware Analysis filtering module from Check Point Software SandBlast technology that is integrated with our Email Security Gateway (Mail Protection Service-MPS), to detect very recent (zero-day) and unknown malware, for the best possible catch rate for threats.

AnubisNetworks MPS

The new Dynamic Malware Analysis has
unique zero-day threats abilities:

Sandblast Zero-Day Protection:

The SandBlast Threat Emulation technology employs the fastest and most accurate sandboxing engine available to clean active content in files, protecting your organization from attackers before they enter your network. Moreover, simulate a session context to detect malicious Flash objects.

Inspect Encrypted Communication:

Files delivered into the organization over SSL and TLS represent a secure attack vector that bypasses many industry standard implementations. Check Point Threat Prevention looks inside these protected SSL and TLS tunnels to extract and launch files to discover hidden threats.

Evasion Resistant Detection:

Traditional sandbox solutions detect malware behavior at the OS level – after the exploitation has occurred and the hacker code is running. They are therefore susceptible to evasion. SandBlast Threat Emulation capability utilizes a unique CPU level inspection engine which monitors the instruction flow at the CPU-level to detect exploits attempting to bypass OS security controls, effectively stopping attacks before they have a chance to launch. Sandblast is virtually immune to attackers’ evasion techniques.

Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning Engines): 

Look at the full context of the inspected element, extract parameters from the environment. 


We would like to add email sandboxing to your security. Get the most automatically aggregating intelligence against attacks from multiple sources, turning them into real-time protections in less than 2 minutes.