451 Research: AnubisNetworks Threat Intelligence insights difficult to ignore

By Carla Barata • June 26, 2013

451 Research, a division of The 451 Group, provides syndicated research, data and advisory services focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. Recently they have produced an analysis on AnubisNetworks. 

AnubisNetworks deploys Real-time capabilities to tackle "big-data" threat intelligence



Here are some statements from that document:

  • "Streamforce is AnubisNetworks' real-time threat-intelligence platform that processes, analyzes and correlates events from multiple sources. On the surface, its event-correlation capabilities make it appear similar to a SIEM product, but AnubisNetworks has developed Streamforce in a slightly different way. The product does not utilize a database to store data in order to provide real-time capabilities. Rather, it performs correlation on the fly and as close to the source as possible. This allows a constant stream of intelligence to be produced from big-data sources that would be very difficult to achieve at speed with a database-dependent SIEM product."
  • "The Streamforce platform consists of sensors that collect events from sources in real time. The feeds can be internal to a company – i.e., private, such as email, Web, DNS feeds, etc. – or the platform can utilize publicly available data as feeds, such as site reputation, honeypots, sinkholes, Twitter and so on. AnubisNetworks can also leverage its own existing sources of information, such as Mailspike, to provide IP reputation feeds. The architecture is distributed and designed to be scalable so that multiple feeds coming in can be processed simultaneously in real time."
  • "The distributed architecture, real-time capabilities and ability to process large data feeds that can be interrogated and visualized in a UI provide insights that will be difficult to ignore."


You can download the full analysis here.

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