5 Actions Your Organization Can Take to Improve Email Security

Rui Serra By Rui Serra • July 3, 2019

Taking care of your email security is a continuous, never-ending action that your business needs to make, especially if cyber protection of your business is a pertinent matter. What’s more, there is a lot that your organization can do if you want to improve your email security and make it truly efficient.

Here are the five actions your organization can take to achieve better efficiency around email security:

1. Develop Cybersecurity Employee Education

The main thing that will give a significant boost to your email security is a company-wide culture that embraces cybersecurity.

You can do that by creating employee training sessions for all staff that will include everything they need to know about cybersecurity and email security gateway best practices, employees awareness of cyber threats, and how to avoid the most common advanced email threats

The training needs to emphasize that their single small mistake or reckless behavior can cost the company everything and that they need to make sure they are careful when checking their emails, especially those that ask for sensitive information or are offering links and attachments. 

These can often look harmless or as if coming from a regular source, which is why the employees need to be careful.

2. Cybersecurity Awareness for CEOs and Executives 

CEOs and other executives of large organizations are often the preferred targets for criminals and spies using highly sophisticated attacks like Business Email Compromise or spear phishing, as they are more valuable targets than other employees. 

These executives work with sensitive and valuable information, which can bring a higher income for hackers if they are successful with targeted attacks. 

That’s why they need to be especially careful when handling business emails. 

3. Use Strong Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication

Everyone in the company needs to make sure they are using ample protection. That means that they need to use strong passwords that are long and combining lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters. They also should change their passwords from time to time.

Additionally, the entire company should use a multi-factor authentication method as that makes it very hard for hackers to use stolen information against you.

Both actions are effortless to do, and they make a big difference in your overall cybersecurity efforts.

4. Reward Those Who Are Doing the Right Thing in Email Security

People like to be praised, and it’s good to recognize employees who are making a real effort to make sure that the company’s email security is taken care of on their part.

Not being a gateway for attackers to breach your organization and steal your information is a very important task from your employees, and this task is often unnoticed as companies focus on the incidents that happened.

5. Use Advanced Email Security Software

Email threats are always evolving in sophistication and impact, and that’s why it’s important for companies and other organizations to achieve efficient protection against advanced email threats.

As email threats are evolving, your company needs to strengthen your defenses with a complete email security solution that protects you efficiently against ransomware, spam, business email compromise (BEC), spoofing, and phishing.

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