5 Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Email Security

By Carla Barata • November 21, 2018

A cyber attack is an insidious crime. The hand that performs the action is rarely onsight, and the impacts can be devastating. If large companies have the proper insurance, legal, technology, and processes in place, the same cannot be said for smaller to medium companies. And these businesses are under attack more than most, as their low-quality email security software makes them a prime target. That’s one of the reasons in 2017 this type of business lost on average $2,235,018, and not all were able to recoup.

It’s not a question of if it’s a good idea to upgrade email security, but when should you start. And to help you take the first step, here are five good reasons behind enhancing your email security.

1. Email is the #1 cyber-security risk

From basic attacks like spam and phishing scams to more complex cybercrimes like business email compromise and malware infection, email is the principal entry point hackers and scammers use to attack unsuspecting victims, be it individuals or organizations.

According to a cybersecurity survey, three out of four cyber threats were delivered via email, while almost half of all attacks came from users’ direct interaction with unsafe email content, such as attachments and links.

2. Email threats affect your entire business

Email is a primary means of communication for business. As such, a potential threat to its security affects every employee regardless of their rank, and everyone connected to the company’s network, including business partners, suppliers, banks, service providers, and customers. All it takes is one ransomware attack to encrypt the entire system and hold all of your sensitive data up for ransom.

3. Email threats are changing

As more companies become aware of the risks to their cybersecurity, the scams and attacks evolve and become more sophisticated. But unlike necessary security measures, like anti-spam filters, advanced email security systems grow along with the threats. As soon as a new type of attack is detected, security service providers upgrade their systems and roll out updates that prevent breaches from email security.

4. Traditional email filters don’t work anymore

The sort of security you can find in common cloud email servers or free email providers only protect you to a certain point. In most cases, they only react to threats long after they occur.

In contrast, advanced email security software is predictive. These systems rely on preventing threats by detecting anomalies in email traffic, analyzing it in context, and comparing it to all-known risks in real time. In doing so, mail protection service provides round-the-clock email security, but also give you an uninterrupted workflow.

5. Upgrading email security is cost-effective

According to a cybersecurity report, cyber attacks come at an annual $600 billion cost to the global economy. When you compare a potential financial loss to business email compromise or data theft from a ransomware attack, few businesses can recover from a direct email scam or cyber attack.

On the other hand, investing resources in email security software or mail protection service is less of overhead, and more of an insurance against potentially harmful loss to your bottom line, employee security and satisfaction, and business reputation.

At AnubisNetworks, our goal is to increase awareness among individuals and companies about the threat to cybersecurity and the need to integrate advanced protection systems into existing architecture.

It may sound like managing the Email Security of your company is a complicated task, but no matter the size of your company, the number of email accounts or the volume of traffic, it can be easy to set it up. Request a demo and see how it works for yourself.

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