Advantages of Using An Advanced Email Security System

Rui Serra By Rui Serra • September 13, 2018

Cybersecurity is a growing priority in today’s increasingly digitally-reliant environment. How well you protect data online can mean the difference between successfully fending off threats from cyber attacks or becoming a victim that suffers significant financial and reputation damages

From all the possible attack vectors, the most used is, by far, the email systems, as attackers take advantage of how critical this communication is to companies worldwide.The best way of protecting information from critical email threats are advanced email security systems, such as AnubisNetworks. These are a software class aiming at tracking, filtering and managing email flows in and out of organizations and service providers, purely focused on mitigating threats.

To help you discover why you should consider integrating with your existing email architecture, here are the benefits of advanced email security systems over other methods of protection.

Continuously updated Protection and Security

Secure mail services are highly successful at helping companies avoid email attacks by enabling real-time detection and avoidance of some of the most advanced threats to email security like phishing, spam, spoofing, ransomware, and business email compromise (BEC).

Such systems provide the latest threats’ protection by offering key mail protection features such as anti-fraud, data loss prevention (DLP), anti-spoofing and sandbox analysis integration.

Also, most systems operate on top of global threat intelligence infrastructures, which continually verify email fingerprints, domain reputation, and new malware strains to provide 24/7 email security anywhere in the world.

Control outside your perimeter

Advanced email safety systems should remove the threats before they reach your archiving and Mail User Agents.  What this does is to isolate your users and also your endpoint software from malware that can propagate through your network, and avoid the always complicated integration between different software and hardware pieces in a network environment.

Another aspect is that these systems will hold your email if you are having a network or email server problems, guaranteeing no email is lost.

Seamless Integration

Email security systems can be integrated with any email system. When companies choose to use this software, it is seamlessly incorporated into the existing email architecture, including integration with Office 365 and G-Suite. It means that there is no lost or corrupted data during migration, while the system remains secure and isn’t vulnerable to attack during the process.

Readily Available

AnubisNetworks provides advanced email security systems for enterprises of any size. We integrate a seamless solution with your existing infrastructure to ensure you receive all of the advantages a robust MPS system can provide. If you are looking to improve threat detection and create a fully-protected email environment at your organization, request a live demo today.

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