AnubisNetworks’ “big data” intelligence platform analyses millions of cyber security threats

By Carla Barata • July 17, 2013

AnubisNetworks, a leading provider of IT security risk management receives positive rating from 451 Research



AnubisNetworks, a leading provider of IT security risk management software and cloud solutions, today announced the global launch of StreamForce, a real-time intelligence platform that detects and analyzes millions of cyber security threats per second. StreamForce processes, analyzes and correlates events from multiple sources in real-time. It de-duplicates events as they happen with zero latency, eliminating redundant data and reducing the storage burden of big data.

One of the most common challenges in processing “big data” security threats involves the capacity and speed at which these complex events can be processed. The groundbreaking StreamForce technology enables live actionable intelligence and rapid response capabilities for threat analysts and decision makers who require sub-second quality security feeds specific to their needs.

The 451 Group recently evaluated the solution and stated: “The product does not utilize a database to store data in order to provide real-time capabilities. Rather, it performs correlation on the fly and as close to the source as possible. This allows a constant stream of intelligence to be produced from big-data sources that would be very difficult to achieve at speed with a database-dependent SIEM product.” Within the new “big-data” paradigm – the exponential growth, availability and use of information, both structured and unstructured – is presenting major challenges for organizations to understand both risks as well as seizing opportunities to optimize revenue.

StreamForce goes to the core of dealing with the increasingly complex world of events, across a landscape of distinct and disperse networks, cloud based applications, social media, mobile devices and applications. StreamForce goes a step further than traditional “after-the event” analysis, offering real-time actionable intelligence for risk analysts and decision makers, enabling quick reaction, and even prediction of threats and opportunities. Typical users of StreamForce’s real-time feeds include banks, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, as well as government intelligence and defense agencies that must respond to threats and opportunities on the fly.

Francisco Fonseca, CEO of AnubisNetworks says “AnubisNetworks’ R&D team continues to pursue the challenge working on the Big-Data Security problems to meet the real needs of the market and its customers. For us, The 451 Research analysis about StreamForce is proof of our commitment in developing a product that truly addresses this issue. We believe that we have a different and innovative product, based on a distributed and scalable architecture, providing pre-filtering across much larger external data sources and that can be visualized in user friendly dash-boards and user interfaces”.

To read the complete report from 451 Group please download here