AnubisNetworks discusses Cyber Security in Bsides Lisbon 2013

By Carla Barata • September 30, 2013

Bsides Lisbon 2013”, the conference devoted to the subject of computer security, takes place at Lisbon’s Forum Picoas, on October 4th, between 9am and 8pm. This conference is part of Security Bsides, an international initiative, which promotes and supports the creation of local events on this subject around the world.



CTO João Gouveia will be a key speaker at the event

AnubisNetworks – a privately held company specializing in global internet security solutions – will present on the topic “Realtime analysis and visualization of internet status”, in Auditorium 1 at 2pm.

The presentation by AnubisNetworks focuses on the visualization of the different states of botnets, their properties, and how to capture patterns between different machines that have been compromised.

"Cyber security is, ever more, a very important topic for organizations. Almost every day, new botnets and malware are found. And organizations need to have a proactive approach in knowing and mitigating these threats- by using services, such as Cyberfeed, to detect such threats in real-time -". Says Joao Gouveia, CTO of AnubisNetworks, and one of the event keynote speakers.

The event’s objective is to widen the discussion on the issues that are most relevant to the sector, namely: application security, safe password storage and IPV6, among other topics.

Admission to the event is free of charge, as it is supported by several sponsors, AnubisNetworks being one of them. The conference is composed by two parallel agendas and presentations – addressing extremely technical subjects – will be held by professionals from several countries, namely Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia.

Tiago Henriques and Bruno Morisson are in charge of organizing this event, with the support of PTCoreSec research group and AP2SI - Associação Portuguesa para a Promoção da Segurança da Informação (Portuguese Association for the Promotion of Information Security).

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