AnubisNetworks Launches Anti-Fraud Features to Detect Phishing Attacks

By Carla Barata • March 14, 2017


New capabilities help companies mitigate risk of email compromise by more quickly and accurately identifying fraud-related attacks

Lisbon, 14 March 2017— AnubisNetworks, a leading provider of email and network security solutions for global service providers and enterprise clients, today launched new anti-fraud features in its Mail Protection Service (MPS) that provide an additional layer of protection against Phishing and Spoofing attacks, reducing overall risk of system compromise. Phishing is a growing threat for companies and increasingly sophisticated techniques are being used to spread these attacks. According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group , 2016 ended as the worst year for phishing in history with 1.2 million attacks, 65% more than 2015. Successful phishing attacks can result in significant losses in the form of stolen cash, brand reputation damage, loss of productivity, and legal issues.

AnubisNetworks’ launch of MPS version 6.1.3 addresses the challenges of phishing attacks by analyzing similarities and relationships between senders, recipients, envelope attributes, and email headers. New capabilities include the ability to:

  • Identify possible compromise authentication - detection of illegitimate access attempts using metrics such as authorized number of authentications from different geographic locations in the same timeframe, which may indicate accounts are being used by multiple people;
  • Determine look-a-like domains for possible phishing - similarities in envelopes (sender and recipient), and headers (names and visible addresses) may indicate phishing attempts using domains similar to the recipient or to well-known companies;
  • Detect exact domains for possible phishing or spoofing - differences in headers (names and visible addresses) and comparison with the domain authentication records may determine that the sender is trying to impersonate someone else.     

According to Francisco Fonseca, CEO of AnubisNetworks, "Mail Protection Service (MPS), the most established solution in the market, is based on AnubisNetworks' Threat Intelligence ecosystem, which enables detection and avoidance of the latest and most advanced threats, such as email fraud. Increasingly, many companies are facing the challenge of securing corporate email accounts, and many of these attacks can be prevented with strong mail protection systems."

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About AnubisNetworks

AnubisNetworks is an IT company focused on real-time Cybersecurity and Email security solutions. The Mail Protection Service (MPS) solution represents an important portfolio of Email Security, which is comprised of a set of customized solutions for managed and filtering messaging traffic in a multitenancy environment. Founded in 2006 by experts of the corporate Telecom industry, AnubisNetworks is currently one of Europe’s leading threat intelligence and email security suppliers. For more information, please visit our website: or follow us on Twitter @anubis_pt

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