AnubisNetworks Launches New Version MPS 7.0

By Carla Barata • April 30, 2019

AnubisNetworks, a leading provider of email and network security solutions for global service providers and enterprise clients, today launched a new version of Mail Protection Service (MPS) 7.0, already available in the MPS Cloud.

This version brings, amongst other new functionalities, backend changes to the Operating System and Database versions supporting the Product. The end result is that the platform is even more robust, gaining in performance and server resiliency, and being protected from 3rd party vulnerabilities.


Here are some of the important updates this version will bring:

  • Implementing MPS with updated components, including Long Term Support for Operating System;
  • Re-design of blacklist module, enabling this module with:

     - Allow strong RFC 5322 compliance in the From header; 

     - The alignment of SPF and DKIM Domain in regards to FROM DOMAIN.

  • Disable Outbound options for sensitive filters, preventing users from disabling some security measures, therefore being exposed to act as spam zombies if infected with Spam-sending malware.

For more information on this new version, please contact our sales team for your live demo.

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