AnubisNetworks Launches New Web Interface with Major Version MPS 6.2

By Carla Barata • January 22, 2018

AnubisNetworks, a leading provider of email and network security solutions for global service providers and enterprise clients, today launched a new web interface with major version, MPS 6.2, already available in the MPS Cloud. The notable impact of this new version is the brand new UI interface, which we hope will bring a better user experience.


  • MPS 6.2 is already available in MPS cloud;
  • MPS 6.2 is now available for upgrades to customers with on-premises versions of MPS for Enterprises, and MPS for Service Providers.


Other important improvements include, for instance:

  • The addition of email artefacts to all message details;
  • On on-premises, allow the ability to select a distinct deliver transport per sender address. 


For more information on this and other new functionalities, please see the release notes at AnubisNetworks' Support portal or contact our sales team for your live demo. 

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