AnubisNetworks sponsors IDC Porto Cyber Security Conference 2018

Carla Barata By Carla Barata • April 2, 2018

AnubisNetworks sponsors the IDC Porto International Cyber Security Conference that will be held at 19th of April at Sheraton Porto Hotel in Porto and will be exhibiting and presenting at this conference.


Over the last 2 years, we have seen an increasing number of cyber-attacks against all types of organizations. 

This 2018 edition of Porto Cybersecurity Conference brings the most innovative cyber security solutions, with sponsors showcasing how they can help organizations protecting against cyber attacks.

Porto Cybersecurity - AnubisNetworks


AnubisNetworks will be exhibiting and presenting at this conference. Our presentation entitled "Cybercriminal services and infrastructure” by Tiago Pereira, Security Researcher at Anubis Labs Team, will be held at 11.50 a.m.

In this parallel conference, Tiago will talk about a common cybercriminal that does not operate alone. There is a hidden but vibrant economy where criminal services and infrastructure are bought and sold. Purchased third party services and infrastructure are commonly used by criminal groups as they setup and operate attacks against individuals and organizations.

For more information about the “IDC Porto Cyber Security Conference 2018”, please visit this website. Conference registration here.

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