AnubisNetworks sponsors ISACA Lisbon Chapter

By Carla Barata • November 7, 2017

AnubisNetworks sponsors the "2ª CONFERÊNCIA INTERNACIONAL ISACA LISBON CHAPTER" with the support of IDC Portugal, that will be held on 24th of November at Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon.

Under the theme Information Transformation | Creating value and trust in the Digital Economy, the conference will be attended by renowned national and international experts in order to share their knowledge and cases of excellence in ISACA reference areas, namely: Governance of Enterprise IT, Digital Transformation, Digital Economy, Risk Management, Information Security & Privacy, Cybersecurity, Audit & Assurance, Regulatory & Compliance.

AnubisNetworks will present at the Sponsor Sessions, at 14:00 pm, a presentation entitled "Ransomware and its Return on Investment" by Valter Santos Threat Intelligence Researcher at AnubisNetworks. 

Since the peaks of 2016, ransomware has become the most proliferative threat distributed by malspam. In this brief presentation, we will delve into their numbers, from the ransomware families that have emerged and established themselves to the values that criminals are making of it. 

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