AnubisNetworks sponsors Porto Cyber Security Conference 2017

Carla Barata By Carla Barata • May 5, 2017

AnubisNetworks sponsors the "Porto Cyber Security Conference 2017", that will be held at 17th of May at Sheraton Hotel in Porto.

In this conference, it will be discussed how companies and organizations worldwide are facing advanced cyber threats by all types of adversaries. Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, and the leak of sensitive information are amongst the top threats. This year´s conference will gather CEOs, CIOs, IT Directors, CISOs and other security profiles from large organizations and companies. A full day conference to discuss case studies, best practices, and to hear from the world's leading solution providers about innovative ways to prevent/mitigate advanced cyber threats targeting their organizations.

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AnubisNetworks will be exhibiting and presenting at this congress. Our presentation entitled Email Phishing: Be Part of The Solution” by José Ferreira, Email Security Expert at AnubisNetworks, will be held at 12.30 p.m. In this presentation, José will showcase that Email Phishing it's all about trust. Eventually cybercriminals will try to impersonate someone you trust or will try to impersonate you. What can you do to prevent being impersonated?

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