AnubisNetworks Sponsors the Cybersec Congress

Carla Barata By Carla Barata • March 21, 2017

AnubisNetworks sponsors the 1st edition of "CyberSec Congress", that will be held at 27th of April at Lagoas Park Hotel in Oeiras.

In this congress, it will be discussed “Rethinking Security in the Digital Age”, redefining operational and business processes, rethinking relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. In this context of change, opportunities are proportional to risks. The Digital transformation requires organizations to rethink Cyber Security strategies. 

At this congress, we will present a special talk - “Phishing: How our banks help (or not) to avoid it”- by José Ferreira, Email Security Expert at AnubisNetworks. In this talk, José will showcase a study of the practices used by Portuguese banks in communicating with their customers and analyzed the safety mechanisms used, as well as their efficiency.


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Author: Carla Barata

Marketing Manager at AnubisNetworks. Carla possesses an extensive experience in marketing, public relations, social media and events in the IT sector. But most important, she is an evangelist of Email Security solutions at AnubisNetworks. She likes "bringing the good news" and help companies to stay safe against the most recent and advanced cyber threats.

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