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Rui Serra

What was once a simple nuisance is now a major scourge of the modern era. Email attacks are more prevalent now than ever.

By Rui Serra On May 17, 2019

2018 saw a significant number of email breaches and successful cyber attacks against some of the biggest companies in the world

By Rui Serra On May 3, 2019

Cyber threats are everywhere, and they can endanger your business in many ways. One type of threats most professionals fail to...

By Rui Serra On April 18, 2019

Phishing attacks are among the most common types of cyber attacks hackers use, and they use them often and on everyone, both...

By Rui Serra On April 1, 2019

We’ve written many times before warning you about the dangers of cyber threats and how many are on the rise again, as proved...

By Rui Serra On March 14, 2019

Most companies around the globe are Office 365 users, but many don’t know about the cyber attacks that target this online...

By Rui Serra On February 22, 2019

With each month passing by, traditional cybersecurity becomes less effective. New threats and attacks keep appearing, which...

By Rui Serra On February 8, 2019

As is unfortunately always the case, hackers and other people with malicious intent keep on improving their methods of...

By Rui Serra On January 25, 2019

Email attacks have been a growing threat to small and mid-sized businesses in recent years, with every year in the last...

By Rui Serra On January 11, 2019

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