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Rui Serra

The first "Spear" in SpearPhishing is adapting the attack to the victim language, and this is a growing trend for phishing emails.

By Rui Serra On April 15, 2021

Attackers rely on us to overshare online and give them enough insight to gain access into our lives and networks. Fear shouldn’t...

By Rui Serra On March 10, 2021

With the not-so-novel coronavirus (COVID-19) showing few signs of slowing down, it’s become clear that organizations need to...

By Rui Serra On June 16, 2020

Cybersecurity evolves year after year, because it is chasing cyber attacks. Here are some sure bets on some of the attack vectors...

By Rui Serra On January 9, 2020

We are all well aware of how costly cybersecurity is. It costs to have proper cybersecurity measures, and it costs even more when...

By Rui Serra On October 8, 2019

Taking care of your email security is a continuous, never-ending action that your business needs to make, especially if cyber...

By Rui Serra On July 3, 2019

Recently a ransomware attack has hit the city of Baltimore - anonymous hackers breached the city services and several services...

By Rui Serra On June 14, 2019

Cyber protection is an essential aspect of every company’s governance strategy. What’s more, it might even be the most crucial...

By Rui Serra On May 31, 2019

What was once a simple nuisance is now a major scourge of the modern era. Email attacks are more prevalent now than ever.

By Rui Serra On May 17, 2019

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