What Are the Basics For Upgrading Your Email Security Ecosystem?

AnubisNetworks By AnubisNetworks • February 18, 2020

An email security solution thus provides you with the tools your company needs to keep itself safe from email-based threats. Old nuisances, like spam, bulk email, along with newer and continuously improved threats, like phishing, zero-day malware, imposter email, or business email compromise, need an email security system which is as advanced as the threats it aims to prevent.

Traditional Email systems sometimes fail in placing security in first place, instead of great usability or streamlined management of inbox. That is why every company should have a separated, fully focused solution.

The right solution that can upgrade your email security needs to possess the following:

  • Ability to control and secure both inbound and outbound emails
  • Easy-to-use, ensuring your admins and helpdesk users keep the system going
  • Cloud-based, benefiting from the redundancy and resiliency a good platform ensures.
  • And, of course, be able to protect your data, employees, and brand from all old and new threats, like phishing, malware, spam, and more
Even the most sophisticated organizations on an enterprise level can be sufficiently protected from these threats. 


How Does a Good Email Security System Protect Your Company?

It all starts with accurate detection. A sound email protection system needs to use several technologies to adequately detect all types of threats, including distinguishing regular emails from malicious ones. More importantly, the solution needs to protect you from all emerging threats, as cybercriminals are constantly upgrading their attacks and making them more seamless and indistinguishable from regular emails. 

With that in mind, an email protection service offers three main features:

  1. Signature-based and reputation based detection that protects you from known threats. By building an ever-learning database of spam, phishing, and bad senders, you'll be protected from the threats that constitute the majority of the bad email
  2. Dynamic reputation analysis that continuously scans IP addresses to decide if it should accept or reject emails, or even if it should throttle connections.
  3. User behavior based analysis, which detects suspicious patterns, verifies authentication protocols, and email flows in order to detect fraud as well as spam campaigns

However, it offers additional advanced features as well:

  • Multilingual analysis – the feature allows for effective scanning of emails in almost all known languages
  • Policy creation – even the largest enterprises have enough flexibility to create custom rules and policies
  • Accurate email classification and subsequent quarantine – the service can distinguish between different emails and threats and quarantine ones that are malicious, while allowing regular emails to reach you
  • Continuity – only high-quality solutions offer email service continuity, which means that even when outages occur, you are still able to send and receive emails, allowing your company to continue working normally
  • Email management – you get the option to signify which emails are wanted and need to reach you and which should be quarantined
  • Thorough search options - various search criteria allow you to search and find any log data or information you might otherwise not be able to find
  • Reporting - real-time reporting gives you greater visibility into your email trends and flow

In the end, one of the most important features you get is the high level of control your company has over the email security solution. 

Protect Your Company with a Thorough Email Security Upgrade

AnubisNetworks provides precisely this type of solution that can protect you from all kinds of email-based threats, old or new. Your entire email security ecosystem can be thoroughly upgraded with our solution that offers a 99.99% service availability and 99% blocked spam emails. It also provides you with 100% virus and malware protection and causes only a 1 minute or less latency.

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