What is Email Continuity

AnubisNetworks By AnubisNetworks • January 22, 2022

Email continuity services help ensure that email messages are always delivered to the intended recipients even if there is a temporary disruption in email delivery from one provider to another.

Email is a critical component of any company; employees use it to communicate and collaborate, while customers may be using email to contact you with orders or requests. Therefore, email downtime can be problematic for any company relying on email to keep them connected to their team, clients, customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Because email downtime or interruption can severely disrupt business operations, email continuity has become a critical concern for companies. Email continuity services help ensure that email messages are always delivered to the intended recipients, even if there is a temporary disruption in email delivery from one provider to another. There are many benefits of email continuity services, some of which include:


Minimize downtime

When your employees don't have access to their emails, this could mean they're not receiving important task requests, updates, and other important company-related correspondence. Email downtime also means you're receiving potentially urgent emails from customers and other stakeholders. And if your calendar is connected to your email, you may lose access to critical calendar events too. Therefore, email downtime means lowered productivity, which impacts revenue. 

Email continuity services can help ensure your email system remains up even if there's an interruption from one provider to another. This means you won't have to worry about sending emails after hours or during off-peak times just to make up for the lost time.

Reduce email latency

Email continuity services can minimize email latency, which refers to the time it takes for an email message to be delivered. For example, suppose you're using email as part of a marketing campaign, and there's a significant increase in email latency during peak times like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In that case, you will miss out on email deliveries. This can be detrimental to your business because you may lose customers whose purchases you rely on during these times of the year.

Easily switch email providers

Email continuity services make it easy for companies to quickly change email service administrators when needed, which means there's no need for complicated email setup procedures or downtime while changing administrator credentials. For example, email continuity services allow email administrators to use email aliases instead of having to update domain names or email addresses.

Security features

The right email continuity service also provides security features such as email encryption and email authentication, which ensure email messages are protected from spam and impersonation. These security features help safeguard company email accounts and prevent email spoofing attacks like phishing scams.

How does email continuity work?

The right email continuity service should let companies connect multiple email administrators to seamlessly switch between them if email delivery is interrupted. It also provides email continuity features for email marketing operations and email security, which can help you deliver a better email experience to your customers.

Administrators can manually activate an email continuity event and have all email clients connect directly to the platform when their usual email service provider goes down.

Thanks to cloud solutions, users may access their email and calendar data securely on any device from anywhere around the world during the outage. Once the outage is over, a reliable email continuity service synchronizes with the email provider to automatically reconnect and receive all the emails affected by the disruption.

Contact us today to learn more about email continuity. At AnubisNetworks, our platforms use sophisticated mechanisms and technologies to stay ahead of the latest email threats, such as anti-spoofing, anti-fraud, DLP, and sandbox-based malware analysis. as well as providing network integration, outbound control, and deliverability abilities


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