The Importance of Working with EU-based Technology Providers Instead of US Ones

AnubisNetworks By AnubisNetworks • December 19, 2019

The EU market is changing, and what’s more, it’s starting to differ from the American one significantly. European companies must look at their Email Security Solutions and realize their best options regarding efficiency, but also compliance with the recent legal boundaries on privacy and data control.

With the recent changes in the law (most specifically, with the introduction of GDPR) and the changes in politics and overall relations between the US and EU, growing differences have started to arise.

On top of that, the EU has long been a single market with different rules and laws to that of the American one. 

When we consider all of these differences, it becomes understandable why an increasing number of businesses want to start working with European providers of technology and not with American ones.

In this article, we wanted to explain why this option is much better in today's and future markets. If you are a European company, you must start cooperating with European providers of technology, if you truly value your data and email security. Here’s why:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is the most obvious reason why EU companies should ‘buy locally’ instead of going to US companies. 

The law shows how important data security is for the European Union. Many American companies don’t fully comply with these rules, not because they don’t care about data security, but because they don’t deal with it in the same way as the EU does.

If you're worried about data and email security, it's vital for you to comply with GDPR by employing the services of an EU-based technology provider. Only that way can you be absolutely sure that you will follow all the rules the EU has in the technology sphere.

We have noticed that many German companies are starting to worry about their data when it’s in the hands of American companies. They have every right to be since the US doesn’t follow the same policies. Thus, it’s far better to put that data in the hands of European companies. 

The same goes for UK-based companies. Even though the UK is leaving the EU, they will still comply with GDRP, as the country was one of the main instigators of the policy. 

Other Differences That Necessitate the ‘Buy European’ Outlook

In addition to GDPR, the EU is different in other regards as well. The US doesn’t have the same ‘citizen first’ attitude toward data and email protection. The laws they have are a lot less robust than their EU counterparts. Additionally, the US has many laws concerning data protection and privacy, many of which differ from state to state.

The federal government of the US is also leading very different strategies to that of their EU counterparts. Even though many US companies are complying with GDPR, the government is operating in a way that's not compliant with what the EU is doing.

All of this will likely change in the future, but for now, the facts paint a different picture. Until changes occur, European companies should work with European technology providers and place their data in their hands to keep it secure and stay compliant with EU rules.