G-suite users are growing and so is the need for Protection against email attacks

AnubisNetworks By AnubisNetworks • August 23, 2019

Google’s G Suite is still an increasingly popular cloud-based productivity solution that many businesses use or want to use. At the end of 2018, Google’s representative stated that more than 5 million businesses are now paying for G Suite. However, with those increasing user numbers, the need for cyber protection rises.

Email attacks are a plague today, and that’s especially true for businesses using G Suite. Unfortunately, Google is never forthcoming when it comes to numbers and statistics concerning their services and apps. However, we are all well aware that email attacks are a plague on business emails despite that. It doesn't matter if they come from Google or some other company; they are still in danger.

The Danger of Email Attacks

The problem with G Suite and many other cloud-based solutions lies in the fact that they are not as secure as many believe. These platforms can rarely have the exact depth of cybersecurity all businesses need. 

That’s especially true with emails. No matter what productivity system your business uses, emails are still in danger. The fact still is that an overwhelming 92% of all attacks start with a phishing email. What’s more, 85% of all attachments emailed every day are harmful in some way to the recipient. 

These numbers are staggering, but what's even more devastating is the fact that as many as seven out of ten businesses are not prepared to deal with a cyber-attack. 

When you take into account that each successful email attack can cost a business around $1.6 million, the need for increased protection becomes more than necessary.

How to Protect G Suite from Email Attacks

Services like G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 are excellent for companies as they amass a wide range of software products in one single place. That makes them excellent productivity tools for organizations of all sizes. 

However, such a union almost always means a lack of specialization, especially in the realm of security. You will usually hear these companies brag about their fantastic security features, but in reality, these security measures are almost always basic. Such large and diverse software solutions can't be as secure as your business needs them to be. 

When it comes to G Suite specifically, there are some advanced protection measures, but they are nowhere near what is truly required

G Suite doesn’t provide specialized functions such as file type analysis, dynamic malware analysis, data leakage protection, anti-phishing, or anti-spoofing.

When such measures are lacking, you need to consider more specialized solutions that can deal with advanced threats. You need advanced email security solutions that focus on making sure your G Suite is protected from any email threat that currently exists. 

That’s precisely where AnubisNetworks Mail Protection Service (MPS) comes in. Our MPS is a high-performance email security-as-a-service solution that's specifically designed to address advanced email threats. It's designed to ensure that the holes inherent in G Suite are patched. With such a solution, your business will be entirely protected from all email attacks that plague companies today.