Mail Protection Service: What is it and How does it Protect your Company Email?

Rui Serra By Rui Serra • July 5, 2018

Did you know that cybercriminals can break into your company by connecting to your email server directly? 

Each year, email fraud such as phishing cost organizations billions. Malicious emails find ways to employees who are unaware, preoccupied or have a lack of training. They’re easily lured into clicking email links or downloading attachments that provide cybercriminals access to sensitive company data and networks. From phishing to malicious download links to malware to spam, the last thing you want is for your organization to be a victim.

To avoid these email spam and malware distribution techniques by cybercriminals, you need to strengthen your email protection.

What Is Mail Protection Service?

Mail Protection Service (MPS) relies on various technologies that work simultaneously to offer email protection and adequate security. The service is an email filtering solution and security platform that provides security and control features for all current email threats.

The right MPS solution for your organization should track email message paths and detect the latest security threats against competing solutions and any connection problems with other electronic systems. It should provide you with detailed visibility in areas such as the daily operation and management of your email service. You should also have access to logs and list of detected virus and spam emails.  

The Problem with Conventional Email Filtering

Because attackers are getting smarter, conventional spam filters are not enough. Cybercriminals easily bypass traditional filtering methods by maintaining a significant amount of lookalike domains. And while other protocols are put into place to prevent phishing, conventional email filters only perform basic message authentication and don’t weed out targeted attacks.

What you need to avoid targeted phishing attacks, are phishing filters that are dedicated to identifying lookalike domains, mismatched ‘reply-to’ addresses, and spoof ‘header from’ email addresses.



How MPS Protects Your Company

MPS sits in front of your email server, detecting phishing, spoofing, and fraud through real-time analysis. It processes millions of messages per hour, recognizing and preventing emails from suspicious sources. Algorithms are used to determine similarities between senders and recipients, identifying trends prevalent in phishing. It also detects if there are any sophisticated malware attached to media files in download links.

Even before messages enter your system, MPS analyzes and cleans all the emails addressed to your company. The service also saves your system from strain by eliminating the additional workload created by spam. By setting features such as Anti-Botnet, Control and Quota management, MPS protects your ecosystem, ensuring only legitimate emails are received and delivered.

When it comes to next-generation email security platforms, AnubisNetworks is the solution already used by several of the top telcos, ISPs, and established organizations worldwide. AnubisNetworks' Mail Protection Service protects against ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), phishing, spoofing, spam, virus and some of the newest advanced threats.

We know how critical it is for businesses to be prepared for the growing sophistication of cyber threats. Our MPS relies on global infrastructure for real-time network intelligence, reputation, and threat detection. 

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