Key Factors to Look Out for When Assessing Your Next Email Protection

By Carla Barata • April 26, 2019

Email protection is very important for all businesses whether their size or industry. In fact, you could say it is a standard Business Cyber Security tool.

There are several success key factors involved, especially if an organization needs top-of-class protection to remember that cyber threats are more numerous and dangerous than ever, and every business needs to make sure that their email protection levels are high enough.

The Importance of Email Security

The Email has long been the most popular attack vector among hackers because of how successful and easy this method is for them. Phishing emails are easy to create and distribute, and it only takes one mistake or distraction for them to breach business private data. Top that with the fact that one in every 100 emails is a hacking attempt, and you realize how big of an issue email protection is.

Businesses shouldn’t forget how costly cyber threats like these can be. In 2015, the annual cost of cyber attacks was $3 trillion. The number is said to reach $6 trillion by 2021. A massive chunk of these attacks involves email – ransomware, phishing attacks, business email compromise, and many more.

With that in mind, it’s essential for your company to promote its business email protection efforts.

Key Factors in the Success of Email Protection

There are several things that you can do to bolster your email protection success. The more key factors your company has covered, the better are the chances to avoid a major email data breach.

  • An email security platform needs to be manageable on a day-to-day basis: make sure your support and your end users are comfortable in using a system which, for instance, can easily release quarantine emails, add a new security rule or onboard a new admin.
  • To have the highest possible level of email protection, you need to have several layers of security: make sure that your email security protection extends to the email productivity suites, and cover more advanced threats like Office 365 attacks. While Office 365 comes with standard built-in data protection, you may find they’re not enough to secure the platform from current threats.  Prefer distinct and latest technologies (Anti-Fraud, Malware Sandbox, Authentication verification) and with added visibility on all the filtering and managing aspects to guarantee all bad email (Phishing, Malware, and Ransomware) is kept out of their employees' mailboxes, as well as ensuring control protection for data leakage.
  • A big part of business email security is the people that work in your company. Everyone in the company needs to be educated in email protection. They all need to be aware of what the email security gateway best practices are, and the latest threats that can affect them. Most of what everyone in the company needs to know boils down to remaining vigilant and being careful with each email they receive. Each employee needs to understand that any seemingly safe email can be a hacking attempt. They need to make sure that the sender is legitimate, and they need to think twice before opening an attachment or clicking on a link.
  • Security is an ecosystem, so every other system plays a role. For instance,  by having your endpoint software up-to-date and protected, you may able to detect malware being triggered from an email, or the presence of a spam-sending malware in the computer.
  • And it is not only the People and the Technology that matter, as for the process some measures can be put in place. For instance, to have everyone changing passwords periodically (and remember to use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication) or establish rules regarding using personal, free email services for business purposes.
  • In the end, the best thing that you can do for you and your company is to invest in advanced email software that protects against the latest email threats.

By making sure everyone in the company knows how to handle email, and by having the best email security solution, you can safely rate your business email protection as close to impenetrable.

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