Multitenant Email Security Makes Boutique MSSP sticky

Rui Serra By Rui Serra • April 13, 2017

Clearly, the rising importance of cybersecurity throughout the world is one of the biggest challenges managed service providers are facing today.

Imagine an OEM Email Security platform built with an architecture to focus on a very particular segment: Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). That's why, we embraced the cloud, but without wanting to manage customer datacenters.

Multitenant Email Security for MSSP

This approach was a way to develop an email security solution for MSSPs as good as it can be, without needing to focus on the traditional technical aspect, but instead focusing on security configurations, and email handling (support, helpdesk, incident response). We called this set of features Multitenancy. And we managed to ride the wave of Security Resellers and Hosted Services Security Providers.

The Solutions for Security Services Channel 

During these last five or six years, the security services (channel) market has become crowded: Telecommunications companies are now Security Service Providers, and classic vendors are also moving towards also providing Consulting services (take Symantec, for instance), namely SOC-as-a-Service. That why email security solutions for MSSP's are important.

This leaves small size boutique MSSPs with few options. They can remain ordinary resellers and just shift products from vendors to clients: their advantage would be the proximity with the client, the discounts with the vendors, and some consulting on top on which product fits the customer. Alternatively, they can leverage the power of the cloud and software-as-a-service, and become an enabler, capable of owning third party solutions. The advantage is the same, but with easier support services, and incident response, and a better stickiness to the customer.


This is the same discussion we had ten years ago. And it is as relevant as ever. 

The Partner Program for MSPs and Security Resellers

We always had a strong commitment on the development of strong offers for our valued partners. Want to know more about the program we created to provide MSSPs, MSPs and Security Service Providers with specialized email security technologies for cloud or on-premise? Ask for a conversation with a DEMO of Mail Protection Service for security service providers.

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