Multitenant Email Security for MSSP

AnubisNetworks By AnubisNetworks • May 4, 2022

The service providers are better positioned than vendors to give Email Sec to organizations!

Increasing security concerns associated with phishing, data leakage, and privacy protection pushes the demand for service providers to provide a robust email security layer on top of the existing email infrastructure.

Over the past decade, we’ve watched how security services have changed, leaving boutique managed service providers (MSSPs) with fewer options. Telecommunication companies have become Security Service Providers while classic vendors now also provide consulting services such as SOC-as-a-Service.

It has been our focus to address the rising cybersecurity needs of smaller MSSPs. Embracing the cloud, we departed from traditional technical aspects of email security solutions to develop Multitenancy. Our multitenant architecture allows service providers to offer, from their on-premises clusters, email security SaaS solutions directly to their end customers and/or via hosted resellers, therefore expanding their portfolio and their OEM/ sales channel. For hosted service providers using a third party shared cloud, the multitenant architecture allows providers to offer email security SaaS solutions directly to their end customers or even other partners.

Multitenancy focuses on security configurations and email handling, such as support, helpdesk, and incident response. With this set of features, MSSPS can remain as resellers and shift products from vendors to clients. Through partnership, they can leverage the power of the cloud and software-as-a-service, and become an enabler with the capability to own third party solutions.

The Partner Program for MSPs and Security Resellers

AnubisNetworks' Mail Protection Service (MPS) protects against ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), phishing, spoofing, spam, virus, and some of the newest advanced threats. Our MPS, solely focused on Security and Control, rely on a global infrastructure for real time network intelligence, reputation, and threat detection. 

  • Anti Fraud module, also with Phishing and Spoofing detection
  • Real-time reputation analysis
  • Directory Harvest Attack Prevention Encryption layer with: DKIM / Sender ID / SPF / DMARC
  • Spam Waves protection
  • Virtual Aliases and traffic re-routing
  • Outbound Data Leakage Protection
  • Multi-tenant Quota management
  • BW lists Inheritance
  • Attachments Discovery & Control
  • Quarantine HTML digests
  • Per-scope UI customization
  • Full Timezones and Multi-language
  • Sophos, ClamAV & integration with other AVs Zero hour burst Detection
  • Content and Heuristic analysis
  • Full integration with every Email Server, including cloud converged solutions Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite

With a partner you can rely on to manage the email security aspect or your systems, you can reach more customers, lower your costs, and grow your revenue. For our valued partners, we offer a strong commitment and a no—frills, no-cost partner program, and 1st level of support.

Want to know more about the program we created to provide MSSPs, MSPs and Security Service Providers with specialized email security technologies for cloud or on-premise? REQUEST A LIVE DEMO and see how a multitenant console helps MSP manage email security cloud infrastructure

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