The Security and Control Layer on Top of MS Office 365 and G suite

Rui Serra By Rui Serra • June 20, 2017

Most organizations, have transitioned some of their software tools and systems to the Cloud. In the past, this was valid for the server-like systems, such as storage or security, and some companywide software suites such as Salesforce or Dynamics CRM.

What has been happening in the last few years is that companies have also transitioned the users’ endpoint productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office, to the cloud. This has happened for several reasons: the load off the IT systems, the BYOD policies, and the higher internet.

Do You Need Additional Security Layers?

Platform-as-a-service solutions, especially G Suite (Google Apps) or Microsoft Office 365, are very successful because of the ability to aggregate a very large set of software products in the cloud. In the same “space”, users and organizations (especially SMBs) have the productivity suite, communication tools (emails, instant message), specialized software, and many other important functions such as synchronized calendars and contacts. All these being device agnostic without need for local storage.

These tools serve a plethora of products to all kind of users and companies, providing a simple and clean experience in what is a very complex system. The issue is that its convergence means a lack of specialization.

For this very reason, there is not a concern with very specific security features, much less with the customization of the case-by-case, business-to-business necessities of more advanced organizations. 

G Suite Email Security

From an Email Security perspective, organizations’ IT administrators should rely on Google (G Suite) ability to prevent threats, as it does not offer any management options. In fact, there is a general privacy concern related to their handling of email content to tackle phishing.

Office 365 Email Security

Microsoft Office 365 does allow for some security management, but for adequate security, organizations need to upgrade their Office 365 with a dedicated Email Security system, ATP, previously EOP or Forefront, and even with this upgrade product, some modules still need to be obtained separately.

What we are seeing in the market is that the most concerned companies are looking for specific solutions from email cybersecurity companies that can integrate different email security with these solutions.

Overall, the advantages efficient and effective security as well as the ability to manage and customize their one system, have visibility over the email traffic, ensure the email deliverability is fail-safe, and keep filtering independent of storage (like in Microsoft Exchange).

While there are some great products within these platforms, it is best to avoid over-relying on systems where IT cannot have sufficient visibility and control. This capability will significantly improving protection and control against Spam, Phishing and Malware.

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