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Cyber Threats

The cybersecurity landscape witnessed significant shifts in 2023, marked by economic challenges, the rise of generative AI,...

By Rui Serra On January 7, 2024

The service providers are better positioned than vendors to give Email Sec to organizations!

By AnubisNetworks On May 4, 2022

Do you feel overwhelm by all the buzz about phishing and how dangerous it is? Well, we're joining the discussion with our own...

By Mailspike Technologies On February 22, 2022

2021 was yet another year full of infections. The damage by Malware and Fraud should keep going through this year with nuances,...

By AnubisNetworks On January 3, 2022

Some years ago, there wasn't a single (proper) organization without an Email Security Gateway. That briefly changed with the...

By AnubisNetworks On December 31, 2021

A few weeks ago, 50 years have passed since Ray Tomlinson sent the first email ever. That was 1971. You'd expect that by now...

By AnubisNetworks On November 27, 2021

All these terms about phishing can be confusing. Here's a small dictionary-like list on some of them.

By AnubisNetworks On September 7, 2021

Careless employees with access to highly sensitive information and weak cybersecurity protocols have proven to be primary causes...

By AnubisNetworks On July 6, 2021

Attackers rely on us to overshare online and give them enough insight to gain access into our lives and networks. Fear shouldn’t...

By Rui Serra On March 10, 2021

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