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Several large institutions, such as banks, hospitals, large service providers, and state services, have been victims of various...

By Miguel Caldeira On March 21, 2018

Cybercrime is an industry that is growing unlike any other. It has been described as “the greatest threat to every profession,...

By Carla Barata On January 23, 2018

As a new year begins, let us take the opportunity to reflect back on the significant ransomware events that happened in 2017, as...

By Mailspike Technologies On January 18, 2018

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange and Outlook are constantly targeted by sophisticated attacks that exploit its email ecosystem at...

By Rui Serra On December 15, 2017

Nowadays, user email accounts can be compromised in a number of ways. When malware infects a user account, that account can be...

By José Ferreira On August 8, 2017

A AnubisNetworks comemora 10 anos do lançamento do Mail Protection Service (MPS) para combater estas ameaças

By Carla Barata On February 2, 2016

Here is an Infographic with a series of data collected from our Labs team, earlier this month. The idea here is to display stats...

By Rui Serra On January 15, 2015

Are Botnets take down really effective?

By AnubisNetworks On May 22, 2014

Bsides Lisbon 2013”, the conference devoted to the subject of computer security, takes place at Lisbon’s Forum Picoas, on...

By Carla Barata On September 30, 2013

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