The (Forced) acceleration of Cloud Security adoption

Rui Serra By Rui Serra • June 16, 2020

With the not-so-novel coronavirus (COVID-19) showing few signs of slowing down, it’s become clear that organizations need to prepare for an unforeseeable future with a remote workforce.

The disruption has motivated companies to get creative and become more resourceful as they leverage tools and software to adapt to this new reality.

The Rise of Cloud Adoption Demands Increased Security

As we see the advent of the new digital company that is more mobile and more remote, we know how crucial it is to be prepared for more shifts in the already unpredictable economy.

Obviously, the rise in cybercrime follows these times of change and turmoil, trying to capitalize on the confusion as businesses cope with both the coronavirus crisis and learn new technologies.  

Without the right cloud security measures in place, many businesses will be left vulnerable as more cybercriminals evolve to take advantage of weak networks and poorly protected data storage. These cybercriminals are also counting on companies having employees who are new to working from home and are untrained in cloud security practices, such as activating firewalls or avoiding public internet connections. 

The sharp increase in demand for cloud solutions has also opened opportunities for malicious cyber activity, which preys on system vulnerabilities and remote workers ill-equipped to protect their company information. Without the right training and tools, remote workers may be opening phishing emails or clicking external links that give cybercriminals access to confidential company data stored in the cloud.  

Consider be part of a shared knowledge ecosystem

This accelerated evolution includes adopting a security ecosystem which evolves as well. This means not just the best tools, but also have these wrapped around a framework of the right processes: easy to maintain, easy to change, easy to respond to problems.  This trust is better provided if you rely on specialized vendors and specialized services. 

The more a cloud service is able to learn from the global threat ecosystem, the more its users will be protected. Prefer a system which has the right machine learning to maintain its pace against the evolving threats.

The more an organization is aided by internal and external support and security teams, the faster it can react to adversity. Always consider fast and reliable assistance from your provider and vendor. But never discard your own operations and auditing and control mechanisms.

 At AnubisNetworks, our Mail Protection Service (MPS) started a long time ago as a multitenant cloud, enabling an ecosystem of partners and service providers to offer our solution to end organizations. The proximity and nurturing from us to our partners, and from our partners to their customers always ensured rapid counter threat responses. Plus, because we all share similar multitenant cloud, the intelligence in detection is shared among businesses in real time.

And Setup is as simple as restricting your SMTP traffic to MPS cloud and redirecting your DNS MX Records. Request a demo today.

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