Ransomware: What It Is and How You Can Protect Your Company Against It

By Carla Barata • December 7, 2018

As the number of cyber security threats increases, email security for businesses is the first line of defense against malicious software, fraudulent crimes, and other cyber attacks, which use email communications as their primary attack vector, causing immense damage to companies worldwide. 

Email with ransomware is at the top of most dangerous threats to your online security out there. So, what is it exactly and how can you protect your business from it? 

Ransomware is a type of malware able to hold sensitive corporate information up for ransom. It is the technical piece of a complex cyber attack, which uses social engineering tactics in order for employees to trigger the malware. Usually, cybercriminals trick vulnerable employees to open emails with attachments containing malware. Once it is opened, the malicious software encrypts company data, and you are unable to use it until you pay a ransom.

How to Protect Your Business?

1. Use multi-layered anti-virus software

There are several types of antivirus software available on the market. And it is essential you have one at the endpoints (Desktops, Laptops, and Mobile devices) and you have others at your perimeter, included in your security gateways, either for email or web, or application security. In most cases, it is best to invest in antivirus programs labeled for specific reasons, or use such solutions as part of security suites.

The fundamental piece of any anti-virus is its ability to update as fast as possible to new “malware signatures” so that any business is protected with the latest types of Malware, as new malware shows up every day.

Another related system is called Dynamic Malware Analysis, or Sandbox - which is basically the ability to detonate (open and observe) files in a contained environment, to understand if these files have malware. The common Antivirus all have such systems to create new signatures that they then propagate to their installed AntiVirus clients.  

2. Update all your Software regularly

It’s not only enough to have antivirus or other security software in place, but you also have to update it to the latest versions. Not only the security software, but also the endpoint: your operating systems, browsers, and other programs - This ensures the software has all the necessary patches to detect and combat new types of malware, including ransomware. All software has vulnerabilities, and the latest versions usually fix the known vulnerabilities from the previous versions.

3. Never open unknown attachments

Staying vigilant is one of the best protections against ransomware. Email and email attachments are the number one carriers of malicious software. Once opened, it can encrypt sensitive data and hold it up for ransom. So, it’s important that everyone at the company takes cyber security seriously and refrain from opening any suspicious emails. Primarily those that prompt you to enable macros to view the attached content.

4. Backup important data 

A policy of creating external backups for all vital system information is a critical measure to remain safe from any number of malware attacks. Using external hard drives, USBs or cloud storage keeps essential company data out of harm’s way in case your company is under a cyber attack. Not only that but taking the time to backup information at least once a week also prevents losing files due to other system failures or power outages.

5. Use email security for business

Email security software is the best line of defense against ransomware. Mail protection service for enterprises is the extra protection, specifically targeting threats via email and specifically designed to be the security layer on top of the email ecosystem of server and client. By monitoring and scanning incoming email traffic, MPS can detect potentially harmful attacks, quarantine them, and alert you about their existence. Essentially, this gives you complete control over the security of your email infrastructure.

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