Why is 2 Factor Authentication a necessary Layer of Security?

José Ferreira By José Ferreira • August 15, 2017

A Multitenant Email security solution must focus on security for email messaging while also simultaneously ensuring that the platform is robust enough for administrators and users manage their email security ecosystem.  

This is why, for this minor version, we have focused on securing the administrators and users in the platform.

Two Factor Authentication Platform Module Engine

The AnubisNetworks Mail Protection Service (MPS) continues to become fully secure by design, not just on the filtering side, but for the platform itself.

The platform now includes support for Two Factor authentication, simply based on having the users to get and generate any token generating application, which will work together with the standard credentials.

Why is this important?

Two factor authentication is, by definition, a set of two factors: something that you know and something that you have. Knowing a username and a password is something that can be remotely stolen but a two factor authentication token is something that you must have to successfully login to the desired site. It’s especially important on public sites, as it provides an extra layer of protection against cyber criminals.

Authorized access location, advanced password policies, and a full blown secure website - all of which the MPS already has - is now complemented with 2 Factor authentication. This ensures that the keylogger that just received your credentials cannot login unless it is also able to access your smartphone and generate a different password, which will be valid for 30 seconds.

Stay tuned for more great features coming soon!

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