Why You Need an Advanced Email Security System for G Suite

Rui Serra By Rui Serra • August 14, 2018

In February 2016, Gmail had a billion personal and business active users around the globe. Today, it remains the leading webmail platform with a 26% share of the total email market.

However, Google’s webmail is not the most reliable when it comes to protecting your information. Unless you have email security software for G Suite in place, you remain vulnerable to cyber attacks and theft. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to security abilities. Chances are Business users will need advanced email security for G Suite.

Among the well-known security risks, you have:

No Options for Security Control

Although two-step verification security (2SV) is a minimum requirement for raising G Suite email protection, Google does not provide other options for managing security to regular users. In the Business and Enterprise editions, there are some advanced features, but they are concerned with TLS enforcement and Rights Management.

No Threat Monitoring

Most email security software for G Suite is connected to a threat monitoring network. This type of security surveillance detects, filters and prevents suspicious communications from IPs known for phishing and malware campaigns.

What G Suite users fail to realize is that even with the underlying systems in place, cybercrime has evolved immensely in recent years and advanced methods are necessary to remove any threats. At AnubisNetworks we know this, and that’s why we provide total G Suite email protection which seamlessly integrates with your account.

Integrated apps 

Google’s Gmail Apps are another security risk. Once activated on a smartphone the app remains logged in to the account indefinitely. And since there is no security verification, a person who loses their phone exposes their data to identity theft.

On the other hand, G Suite email protection is integrated directly to the user account, and not the device. Even in the case of a lost or stolen phone, the person or business email connected to the system remains protected and cannot be accessed by an unauthorized individual.

Low User Verification

In 2018, Google admitted that out of its 1.4 billion users over 90% haven’t activated 2SV the company put into place in 2011. Despite not being difficult to set up, people don’t use it because 2SV would disrupt usability.

However, multi-layered authentication significantly increases security levels of Gmail accounts. Google knows this, yet they believe additional security will drive people away from the platform and force them to choose another email provider. It is the main reason why 2SV isn’t mandatory seven years following its implementation and why people should look towards advanced security systems.

What Google fails to realize is the number of their accounts that are highly vulnerable. When compared with advanced AnubisNetworks' Mail Protection Service (MPS), the difference in security is noticeable, since MPS software includes anti-botnet, authentication control, data leakage and quota management options. It creates a failsafe email environment, under any attack. Learn how to upgrade your Email Security Level with AnubisNetworks' MPS to Protect G Suite.

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