Why You Should Stay Away from Simplified Email Security

Rui Serra By Rui Serra • July 4, 2017

In a moment where cyber threats are reaching sophistication and spreading peaks, selling standard products that protect you “more or less” just will not cut it. Often the more valuable protection is being sold on top of a product at a premium price, which is simply deceiving.

The cyber security market works basically as any other IT industry and segment: vendors have basic products or services to protect your company, but will then offer you their best products at a higher price. There is nothing wrong with this approach - especially if the vendor is targeting low budget customers. What needs to be clear, from the start, is how basic the baseline offer may be for your company, keeping in mind the threats you will (surely) have to face.   

The vendors’ marketing can do wonders in disguising insufficiently capable products, deliberately aimed at making organizations buy based on price, but soon making customers upgrade because of needed security.

MS Office 365 e-Mail Security

For example, Microsoft Office 365 is advertised as containing sophisticated email security that will protect any company. But soon after users realize how weak the protection is they are forced to start looking for alternatives or supplemental programs.  Microsoft can provide this at a premium price with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) - The existence of ATP itself is an acknowledgment that Microsoft’s standard filter is not up to date with today’s threats. 

Cyber Security On The Rise

Fortunately, companies are becoming increasingly mature in terms of security knowledge - they are realizing that they, if they need to pay more to have the protection they need, they might as well use different, dedicated email security solutions instead of being limited to one vendor and one-dimensional approach for spam and virus filtering. This will mean that the speed and breadth of the filters are complemented with another source to be sure that the latest threats are not missed. 

The conclusions are simple: suspect the vendors with multiple products offering you different levels of protection, and if you need a dedicated Email Security Gateway on top of your standard filtering, pick one from a different vendor.

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