want to LEARN MORE about cyberfeed?

Learn how AnubisNetworks' Threat Intelligence service Cyberfeed can play a critical role in the early detection of cyber-threats, by combining a rich variety of sources with the processing of large volumes of relevant data while delivering results in real-time.


  • Is a subscription based data feed service, focused on the collection, consolidation, analysis and enrichment of data;
  • It allows Advanced Security Organizations to obtain an optimized stream of global events related to live and upcoming security threats.

Why choose Cyberfeed:

  • More than 25 000 events streamed per second;
  • Real-time data on cyber-attacks as they happen;
  • Lean and very light service without the need for storage;
  • Actionable intelligence to stop cyber-threats;
  • Flexibility by allowing customizing and processing data feeds including measuring, filtering and de-duplicating events on the fly.

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