CYBERFEED FOR Security Operation Centers

cyberfeedCyberfeed perfectly fits
SOCs by pinpointing infection campaigns

What is it

AnubisNetworks’ Cyberfeed is a subscription based service that allows customers to obtain Realtime intelligence datafeeds about events related to security threats, as seen worldwide, pre-processed for relevance and scope.

Why for SOCs?

Every Corporate SOC holds the important mission of protecting an organization's ecosystem of all  cyber threats. Cyberfeed's Actionable Threat Intelligence provides Real-time security events related to the organization ensuring SOCs have the weapons for the fastest response possible against infected devices and the most likely data leaks, brand reputation damage, and other events triggered by malware inside the organization.


Cyberfeed delivers to SOCs:

  •  Standardized and very simple API
  • More options to provide advanced security services
  • World coverage of security threats
  • Rich combination of security feeds
  • Integration with main SIEMs
  • Awareness and Risk Prediction
  • Correlation and enrichment between attack vectors

Use Cases

  • Detection of devices and machines related to information stealing Trojans.
  • Customer networks reputation
  • Detect compromised accounts and hosts
  • Identification of possible phishing campaigns and brand abuse scenarios on customer networks
  • Identify messages being flagged as SPAM and brand abuse campaigns