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Seguridad del E-mail para el Futuro

IDC and Anubis have partnered for a comprehensive study on the Email Security Status Quo of the Spanish, as well as Portuguese market

Since February that we've been collecting data and debating what should be the direction organizations must take in order to stay ahead of the overwhelming tide of email volume and, especially email  threats.

This year, the world has been in revolution due to the economic downturn, the changes to ways of working, and the constraints to travelling and meeting. This means the cyber communication is having a very large preponderance in keeping the businesses flowing. And with greater importance comes.... greater attacks: Malware is growing in sophistication, Email fraud is on the rise, and attackers are now exploiting the convergence of technologies and systems (e.g. email and services). So we're in for a rise in the tide of email threats.




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For partners and MSSPs

  • Their proximity to end Organizations makes them an ideal partner to advise end Organizations on the best processes and technologies.
  • Anubis' Multi tenant Cloud Security service can host Resellers and (Virtual) Service Providers, for directly managing their own customers.
  • Anubis Partner program is free and aims at benefitting the Organization with a friendly, value-added, partner.

For Organizations

  • Organizations that rely on experts on the cybersecurity field for service and expertise can ensure a safer and more efficient approach to the global problem of Email threats.
  •  Anubis' Email Security Service is distributed via value added providers. It is a carrier grade, cloud resilient platform, compliant with all data sharing regulation. 
  • Organizations will benefit from many security systems and can operate these themselves or delegate to partners.

2020 is the Year of Cyber pandemic.
The pandemic has propagated to cyberspace with attacks worsening.

Iberia is preparing for the Cloud Email Security


Over 80% of all malicious distributions uses the email vector


Over 23% rise in investments in Cloud, by Organizations


Over 9% rise in investment in Email Security, by Organizations 


Learn how email security powered by AnubisNetworks can provide
ransomware/malware protection to the business of all sizes.

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