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Cybersecurity in the Workplace - Analysis of Corporate Vulnerabilities
Q42018 - Q12019

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Take a holistic outlook on Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the Workplace.

Cyber incidents are growing at an alarming rate and are becoming increasingly complex creating multiples disruptions both in private and public business. With this increasing trend of attacks, organizations are now launching initiatives to better understand the need for cyber intelligence, cyber resilience, and measures to decrease the impact of cyberattacks.

The rationale of this survey “Cybersecurity in the Workplace - Analysis of Corporate Vulnerabilities” is to examine social, technical, organizational, and contextual factors that may contribute to at least two forms of Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the workplace:

1. Low maturity of critical information technology (IT) systems;
2. Cyberattacks.

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For security to gain the needed support and be properly implemented, the ITC decision maker must first reach across the various departments to gain a holistic view of the enterprise and be a skilled communicator to sell and advance the Cybersecurity position as a contributing partner to the overall mission of the business.

The survey on Cybersecurity in the workplace (and its role in the organizations) has obtained relevant insights especially the main cyber threats that your business faces every day.

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