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Cloud-based Email Security Services
offer many advantages for Organizations

As a Service Provider, you must position yourself as a value-added security expert by providing organizations with AnubisNetworks advanced threat protection for email

Email is still the most popular and pervasive tool cybercriminals use to launch and distribute threats. But, in recent years, fewer mass spam attacks have been launched; instead, cybercriminals are focusing on higher-value operations, including malicious scams and attacks, spear-phishing attacks, and other targeted attacks.

As Email remains the primary method for business communication, cybercriminals continue to use it as their preferred method of attack. In an era of Cloud platforms, businesses need to decide if they want to treat Email Security as another module in an email server, such as calendar synchronization, or if they want to invest in a dedicated, carrier-grade Email Threat Security services.

Businesses paying more attention to security represent an opportunity for Security Service Providers to position themselves as value-added security experts, helping organizations navigate the ever-changing world of Email cybercrime.

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Why AnubisNetworks Mail Protection Service
for End Organizations?

  • AnubisNetworks’ Cloud is secure and managed by Email IT security specialists.
  • Multi-tenant management ensures an organization can always escalate and delegate any occurrence.
  • Cloud Computing for Security-Software- as-a- Service (SecaaS) means no Hardware costs.
  • An organization’s network is protected from external attacks, because email is tunneled, controlled, and cleaned in the cloud.
  • Bandwidth costs are reduced because the bad email (which can go up to 80% of the entire received email) will never reach the organization's’ infrastructure.
  • Outbound email filtering ensures reputation management for the Organization.

AnubisNetworks’ Global
Threat Protection

MPS stands below a powerful AnubisNetworks Global Threat Intelligence Ecosystem, constantly verifying email fingerprints, domain reputation, and new malware strains:

  • Email fingerprinting close and exact matches with a global database of spam, phishing, and malware email.
  • Reputation on the sender IP, and sudden reputation changes and reputation requests count, which may indicate spam waves.
  • Known infections by Botnet families, especially with Malware knows to use email attack vectors.


AnubisNetworks’ Mail Protection Service includes many other analysis engines that are continuously updated to scan emails and accurately detect and eliminate known spam and malware threats.

2017 Was the Year of the Fraud.
The problem’s only getting bigger.

Email is still the most commonly used method to distribute ransomware (and malware in general).


Over 64% of all malicious spam distributions (malspam) is due to ransomware distribution


2.581.026 Infected victims with ransomware in the last year


32% Paid the ransom


20% Never got their files back

Learn how email security powered by AnubisNetworks can provide
ransomware/malware protection to the business of all sizes.

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