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Every business no matter what the size is are vulnerable and a target for cyber attacks.

Digital security isn't just a problem for the security professionals of your IT department. In your company, everyone is responsible and play their part in managing the risk.

You need to protect your business against the most sophisticated threats from Cybercrime.

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The Most Secure Solution

Mail Protection Service is a secure email service that offers real-time protection against email fraud, ransomware, spam, business email compromise (BEC), spoofing, and phishing.


AnubisNetworks' Global Threat Protection

Mail Protection Service stands below a powerful AnubisNetworks Global Threat Intelligence Ecosystem, constantly verifying Email fingerprints, Network reputation, and New malware strains.


Integration with every Email System

Mail Protection Service is able to integrate with any email platform, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, and with the most demanding network architectures.


Latest Threats' Protection

Mail Protection Service uses sophisticated mechanisms and technologies, such as Anti-fraud, DLP, Anti-spoofing, Sandbox analysis integration, to stay ahead of the latest email threats.

Customer Testimonial

Casa da Música

“Email is the main vector for spreading malware and spam, and this malicious use of email seriously impairs how organizations function. It reduces employee productivity and increases IT costs - whether by monitoring infected computers or running maintenance and identifying suspicious emails. It is therefore vital to have correct and efficient email filtering, with maximum effectiveness and minimal impact to the end user.“

Nuno Pereira
Information Systems Department at Casa da Música

Email threats have never been stronger.
Phishing and Ma(i)lware origin the most Data Breaches.

Email remains the most popular attack vector for enterprises,
for distributing malware, and for social engineering attacks.



Security Incidents


Data Breaches




Data Breaches caused by Human Error


People will click on Phishing Campaigns

The best email security solution is built with AnubisNetworks' Global Threat Intelligence Ecosystem.
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