how to buy

Anubis Email Security Services


If you are an Enterprise:

  1. Reach us, or our partners, to know more about MPS and about our simple purchase plan, based on yearly subscriptions on active users, support plans (Standard (free) or Critical) and, if that is the case, on hardware.
  2. Activate your free trial! Testing a live domain is as simple as redirecting DNS MX records.
  3. Decide on Cloud vs. on Premises:

    MPS for Enterprises is deployed on premises (hardware appliance or VM). It provides you with absolute control of all things related to your platform.
    ● MPS Cloud for Hosted Enterprises, is a contained solution in a shared, geo-redundant, resilient cloud. You will be in absolute control of your Domain and User email security system.


If you are a Service Provider

  1. Reach us to know more on our simple channel model, based on simple reseller partnerships, without upfront costs.
  2. Sign a partner agreement.
  3. Bring your customer to our service, in the cloud or on premises:

    ● MPS for Enterprises is deployed on premises on an appliance or VM.
    ● MPS Cloud for Hosted Enterprises, is Email Security as-a- service in AnubisNetworks’ cloud.


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