Anubis Email Security Service +
Check Point sandbox technology = Next Gen Email Sec!

Add this solution to your Mail Protection Service to further protect your
organization from ZERO-DAY MALWARE attacks

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Dynamic Malware Analysis integration
with Anubis' Email Security Services

Email security solutions leverage techniques and tools such as anti-spam, antivirus, web filtering, IP reputation, and app control to protect your organization. However, these won’t stop today’s new breed of attacks that are sophisticated enough to mask themselves through tunneling or encryption. Our Dynamic Malware  Analysis - using a Sim system - will work cooperatively with the email security technologies, as a strengthened layer of defense.

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The more security, the better.

At AnubisNetworks, we’ve partnered with Check Point Software Technologies to bring you their sandbox technology, SandBlast Threat Emulation. They boast the most accurate sandboxing engine available to protect your organization from attackers before they enter your network.

By adding email sandboxing to your security, you add an extra layer of protection that has the ability to detect very recent malicious code, by exposing its intentions in a computer sandbox - equipped with all the latest anti-sandbox /anti-VM countermeasures.

With this add-on, our clients will benefit from 5 different anti-malware systems within MPS. Check Point brings a particular focus on Zero-Day threats.

anubis email security

Much more than detecting Malware on files.

Traditional sandbox solutions only detect malware behavior at the OS level. 

But with SandBlast Threat Emulation, detection takes place at the CPU level, monitoring the instruction flow to detect exploits attempting to bypass OS security controls.

Moreover, this solution is powered by Check Points' threat Cloud, and can cross the analysis with intelligence on dangerous URLs, spam and fraud behaviours, and Artificial Intelligence induced heuristics. 

See the solution brief here. 

Dynamic Malware Analysis

This technology allows AnubisNetworks to provide a new Dynamic Malware Analysis filtering module
within AnubisNetworks’ Email Security Gateway.

SandBlast capabilities in our Mail Protection Service (MPS) defense layer are:

Sandblast Zero-Day Protection:

The SandBlast Threat Emulation technology employs the fastest and most accurate sandboxing engine available to clean active content in files, protecting your organization from attackers before they enter your network. Moreover, simulate session context to detect malicious Flash objects.

Evasion Resistant Detection:

Traditional sandbox solutions detect malware behavior at the OS level – after the exploitation has occurred and the hacker code is running. They are therefore susceptible to evasion. SandBlast Threat Emulation capability utilizes a unique CPU level inspection engine which monitors the instruction flow at the CPU-level to detect exploits attempting to bypass OS security controls, effectively stopping attacks before they have a chance to launch.

Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning Engines):

Look at the full context of the inspected element, extract parameters from the environment. Check Point Software was named a Leader in Endpoint Security Suites by Independent Research Firm (Forrester Research). SandBlast Agent Complete Endpoint Protection received the highest possible scores in the Malware Prevention, Data Security, and Mobile Security criteria.

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Inspect Encrypted Communication:

Files delivered into the organization over SSL and TLS represent a secure attack vector that bypasses many industry standard implementations. Check Point Threat Prevention looks inside these protected SSL and TLS tunnels to extract and launch files to discover hidden threats.

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We would like to add email sandboxing to your security.
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