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AnubisNetworks MPS is a High Performance, Multi-Tenant Email Security product for on-premise and cloud services offered via Service Providers, Resellers or directly to SMBs and Corporate customers.

✔ MPS For Enterprises

A robust Email Security and Control solution from SMBs to Large Enterprises, delivered as Cloud service or an on-premises VM / appliance / cluster.

  • A Carrier-grade email Backbone;
  • Reliable outbound and inbound filtering and control;
  • Same user experience both as a SaaS service and as an appliance.


✔ MPS For Service Providers

A complete multi-tenant platform for corporate email protection allowing to offer value added services for Telcos and Hosted Service Providers, and their residential and enterprises customers.

  • Allows new revenue streams with a private label service for Service Providers and their channel partners;
  • Advanced Hierarchy System, Integrated Modules, Business Control Mechanisms and Privacy Protection features are some of the main advantages;
  • MPS relies on a global infrastructure for real-time network intelligence, reputation and threat detection.


Why choose THE Mail protection service?

  • Benefit of Carrier-grade email security with data leakage and outbound control, on top of inbound security capabilities;
  • Offer Multitenancy model, private label, email security cloud-based solutions to Partners and end Enterprises;
  • Recognized security ability Worldwide thanks to a Threat Intelligence ecosystem, allowing to detect spam botnets, reputation variations, and vulnerable systems.


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