MPS-Mail Protection Service that really protect Microsoft Office 365 customers

How to upgrade your Security Level to protect Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 only offers basic email security that doesn’t protect against some of the newest advanced threats, which can result in serious security problems for your organization. In fact, like the network of your company, Office 365 needs real security.

✔ This Datsheet shows you how to:

  • MPS Integrates seamlessly with Office 365
    MPS Service seamlessly integrates with every Email Server, providing this solution with focused real-time security and it’s so simple. 

  • MPS solution ensures your email ecosystem is failsafe
    By ensuring legitimate email is received and delivered (important for reputation management), and by setting Anti-Botnet, Control and Quota management features.

  • Control Features on top of Security Features
    DLP (Data Leakage Protection), Quota Management, Rate control, Email Validation, transport Encryption and many other features are available per user and per scope, taking this platform far beyond Email Security.

  • AnubisNetworks Global Threat Intelligence Platform
    AnubisNetworks’ security ecosystem permanently monitors the world for Botnets, IP Reputation, Email Phishing and Malware Campaigns, and communicates with MPS edge filters, for real time proactive malware prevention.  


Integration Made Simple

MPS Office 365 Integration 

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