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Mail Protection Service can help Service Providers grow customer base, value added revenue, and position themselves as Cybersecurity Providers. Schedule a demo to see how it works.

Mail Protection Service


  • That protects your email ecosystem against the latest advanced email threats
  • Providing complete visibility on your platform and on your customer's security
  • Is built on top of a Hierarchic multitenant system to better manage all your customers
  • Reliable inbound/outbound filtering and control
  • Grow your channel revenues and maintain your customer fidelity
  • Free your IT with a simplified single cloud management (managed or on-premises)
  • ...and much more.
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MPS Main Features

  • Real time email threat intelligence
  • Delegated and centralized multitenant administration
  • Email fingerprinting and reputation at the perimeter for quick discard of Spam, Phishing and Malware email
  • Email digest and quarantine management for users and domains
  • Outbound traffic control and quota management
  • Customized interface and business rules for a streamlined experience

"The AnubisNetworks' solution is paramount for us to be a considerable and efficient player in the area of Email Security, meeting the strict quality criteria that we establish in the service provided to our customers."

Pedro Barbosa

Head of Cybersecurity of Claranet Portugal


Claranet Portugal - Case Study

Case study about our partnership with one of Europe's leading managed IT services providers, Claranet Portugal. Learn how our partner provides AnubisNetworks email security solution and grow their customer base and revenue streams.

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2017 Was the Year of the Fraud.
The problem’s only getting bigger.

Email is still the most commonly used method to distribute ransomware (and malware in general).



Over 64% of all malicious spam distributions (malspam) is due to ransomware distribution


2.581.026 Infected victims with ransomware in the last year


32% Paid the ransom


20% Never got their files back

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