AnubisNetworks brings Threat Intelligence insight to The Security Meeting

By Carla Barata • April 10, 2014

The presentation will address the impact of today’s advancing cyber threats, types of cyberattacks and how to tackle the risks. Attended by companies and professionals, The Security Meeting addresses information security issues, discussing the main trends, problems and solutions in this area.

Pedro Norton, AnubisNetworks expert, will hold a session about Threat Intelligence at the 10th edition of The Security Meeting. The event will take place this Friday, 11th April at the Tivoli Oriente from 10am to 5pm.

In this 10th edition, the main focus will be on data privacy, cybersecurity and critical infrastructures. Our expert Pedro Norton will hold his session from 2:50pm till 3:30pm.

Come and join us!

Author: Carla Barata

Marketing Manager at AnubisNetworks. Carla possesses an extensive experience in marketing, public relations, social media and events in the IT sector. But most important, she is an evangelist of Email Security solutions at AnubisNetworks. She likes "bringing the good news" and help companies to stay safe against the most recent and advanced cyber threats.