AnubisNetworks enhances Mail Protection Service with new features

By Carla Barata • March 5, 2014

AnubisNetworks today announced that it has included additional security features in the latest version of Mail Protection Service (MPS) providing customers with comprehensive malware detecting capabilities, new encryption, reporting and integration with its current real-time filtering engine.



MPS is a suite for Email Security and Email Control that is currently deployed in some of the largest globally recognised Telcos and Service Providers, in addition to many corporations, governments, and OEM vendors. It is deployed as a Cloud service or an on-premises cluster for Enterprises and Service Providers, and is well known for its malware detection efficiency and service robustness, resulting in unrivalled intelligence against cybersecurity threats.

New features in Version 5.1 include:

  • Outbound Quota Management for traffic control and as an anti-botnet measure
  • New encryption, reporting functionalities and multiple types of Sender Authentication
  • Integration with the latest real-time filtering engine. This integration enables MPS to obtain real-time threat intelligence from AnubisNetworks’ cybersecurity global ecosystem, ensuring optimal defence against zero-hour threats/bot detection for senders and recipients

“We have witnessed an increase in demand for email security from companies as well as end users. Recognising this need, we have incorporated new security features in our database of email protection to provide our customers with an effective solution to combat threats such as spam, viruses, phishing and other malware, at the same time help reduce the operational costs and complexity of deploying/managing a secure email service.” says Francisco Fonseca , CEO of AnubisNetworks .

For more information about the new version of Mail Protection Service:


Author: Carla Barata

Marketing Manager at AnubisNetworks. Carla possesses an extensive experience in marketing, public relations, social media and events in the IT sector. But most important, she is an evangelist of Email Security solutions at AnubisNetworks. She likes "bringing the good news" and help companies to stay safe against the most recent and advanced cyber threats.