AnubisNetworks is sponsoring the 7th International Symposium: "Cyberspace: Leadership, Security, and Defense within the Network Society”

AnubisNetworks By AnubisNetworks • May 23, 2013

On May 29th, Auditório do Aquartelamento da Academia Militar in Amadora will witness the 7th International Symposium on ‘National Information Strategy’ (7th NIS), CYBERSPACE: LEADERSHIP, SECURITY, AND DEFENSE WITHIN THE NETWORK SOCIETY. This event aims at promoting a more integrated vision of the leadership – information – knowledge – safety relations based on the need to create a new leadership system for the future and a Cyber Security National Strategy that is capable of managing synergy and cooperative efforts.

CEO Francisco Fonseca will be representing the Portuguese company in this event, which will have the presence of national and international experts, as well as political and military decision-makers

Francisco Fonseca, CEO at AnubisNetworks – Portuguese company specialized in global internet security solutions – will be the speaker for ‘Intelligence and Detection of Real-Time Cyberspace Threats’, a presentation which will be starting at 2 pm.

The 7th NIS – organized together with the 1st International Symposium on ‘Organizations, Values, and Leadership’ (1st OVL) – is a true opportunity to discuss and deeply analyze the different aspects leading to a new leadership vision in increasingly technological environments, which are more and more related to the reporting and establishment of National Information Strategy.

AnubisNetworks is thus joining a panel of Portuguese and International experts in an event intended to generate rallying dynamics, aimed at political and military decision-makers and at the national community connected to the country’s Organisational Management and Leadership, Cyber Security, and Cyber Defense. The Assistant Secretary of State and Defense, Berta Cabral, will be closing the event.

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