MPS for Service Providers

MPS System for Service Providers is a complete multitenant server platform (Hardware and/or VM cluster) to offer email protection as an own brand.

MPS Cloud for Service Providers

MPS for Hosted Service Providers is aimed at Virtual Service Providers and Resellers wanting to expand their Value added services with a 3rd party security solution, that they can give to their own end customers.


MPS for Enterprises

MPS System for Enterprises is an email Security Gateway Appliance (or VM) Solution designed to suit the needs of large organizations like universities, public administration departments, and financial institutions, wanting to maintain their Email protection on premises.

MPS Cloud for Enterprises

MPS for Hosted Enterprises is the edition of MPS suite for medium-sized enterprises and SMBs wanting to obtain a reliable cloud service.

Integração MPS Office 365



MPS is a high performance email security cloud Security-as-a-service, designed from scratch to address the specific security and control needs of advanced organizations, and able to integrate with any email system, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work known as G Suite.

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Email Control

Email Control

  • DLP - Data Leakage Protection
  • Multitenant Quota management
  • White & Blacklists Inherit & Manage Attachments Discovery
  • BCC and Archiving plugins
  • AD Integration for AAA
Network and Integration

Network and Integration

  • SOA / WebServices
  • Next hop server configuration
  • Full IPv6 capable
  • Syslog based log integration
  • Email Spooling & Rate control
AnubisNetworks Technologies

Anubisnetworks Technologies

  • MPS HDB Fingerprinting
  • AN MailSpike® IP Reputation
  • Social Networks relationship
  • Cyberfeed GTIP® for MPS
Business Features

Business Features 

  • Quarantine HTML digests
  • Complete Outbound Administration
  • Full Timezones and Multi-language
  • Business reporting and Usage KPIs
  • Per-scope full UI customization
Filtering & Security

Filtering & Security

  • Real-time reputation analysis
  • Enhanced Fraud, Phishing and Spoofing detection
  • Directory Harvest Attack Prevention Encryption layer with: DKIM / Sender ID / SPF verification and/or support
  • Spam waves protection
  • Subject, Body, Header Regular Expressions and Heuristic analysis
  • Sophos, ClamAV & integrates with other AVs Zero hour burst Detection


MPS Service seamlessly integrates with every Email Server, including cloud converged solutions, such asMicrosoft Office 365 and G Suite from Google, providing this solution with focused real-time security.
Mailsipke is a white and blacklist IP reputation service, FREE for small organizations. MailSpike IP Reputation is a lookup service designed for small and non-profit organizations in need of solving their spam problem using open-source email security systems.

Mail Filtering and Mail Relaying Systems 
The MPS is a system able to be separated into Filtering APIs and routing and relay focused systems that integrate our technology into third-party platforms and/or it prepares it to be used for controlled routing of email. These customized solutions all have our Email Threat Intelligence filtering, with the advantage of having a very focused and high performance with a low footprint.

Mail Filtering



Customers Services

AnubisNetworks' Global Support Center acts as a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for all requests related to our products and services. 

Our SLAs and 24/7 availability
will ensure that Anubis Service and Products fits seamlessly in your daily Operations.

Our technical teams are fully prepared to discuss with you details on the products and technologies you are interested and/or you wish to upgrade.

Professional Services

Our professional services manage the deployment of our solutions, including the integration with existing infrastructure and third party components. We also provide expertise and consultancy across a wide range of network-security related products. 

Our senior professionals are available to work through technical, security and integration requirements, giving you the option of adding customized modules, specifically developed according to your technical requirements.

Other Services

AnubisNetworks complements its Products and Technologies’ delivery with fully dedicated teams for Service and Support. 

Our range of Services include Managed Operations, Specialized Training, Deployment Services, and Security Consultancy.