Mail Filtering Engine

Mail Filtering Engine

Fast and Lightweight SDK for Email Fingerprinting and Reputation

What is it?

The Mail Filtering Engine is an API that integrates our technology into third-party platforms. It allows obtaining AnubisNetworks’ renowned filtering technology and connect it with finished email solutions, with minimal effort and resources.

MFE’s gain is being an high performance edge spam filtering, which clears the existing systems from sure spam handling and related performance issues.

Who is it for?

This solution is intended for Service Providers, OEM partners and businesses, wanting to achieve optimal filtering performance while reducing the hardware infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Message Fingerprinting analysis

    • Several fingerprinting technologies provide  adequate analysis for each message, disclosing complete information about messages based on content  data, combined with user history, email, IP and DNS, and network data.
    • Message Fingerprinting is ideal for Outbound systems, as it is independent from origin (your organization).

    Real-time viral detection (ZBI)

    • For zero-hour detection and DDoS prevention, our reputation lists are among the world's most used (Mailspike).
    • MFE uses Mailspike Reputation along with other reputation systems.
  • Easy to deploy, great for scalability

    • Easy to integrate, and with very low software footprint, MFE requires only a small plugin or SDK to enable your system to process 150 messages per second by each instance.
    • MFE works both for Inbound and Outbound Email, and can be placed in Unix-based MTAs and most Mail Servers.
    • Optimized scalability guaranteeing that your system can always keep up with your business growth.
    • The cloud systems providing the intelligence to MFE meet the most demanding availability KPIs, allowing MFE to easily handle millions of emails without service disruption.
  • Spike intrastructure

    AnubisNetworks' ecosystem of Email Intelligence

    • Spike Email Intelligence is part of AnubisNetworks Global Threat Intelligence Platform, which provides the intelligence for all our products.
    • This specialized infrastructure integrates and relates intelligence provided by all our European customers and partners on top of Spamtraps and 3rd party reputation lists. The outcome is real time Fingerprinting and Email reputation.