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Customer Services

AnubisNetworks’ Global Support Center is the main contact point for support and helpdesk operations delivering, to customers around the world, an efficient incident management and an effective care of their requests, keeping businesses running 24X7.

Our SLAs and 24/7 availability will ensure that AnubisNetworks Service and Products fits seamlessly in your daily operations.

Managed Support Operations

For critical support operations, our Global Support Centre can assume the helpdesk and support operations for our customers. The contact is established via Web Portal. SLAs will ensure the effectiveness of service. 

Professional Training and Partner Network Enabling

We have agile and efficient training programs, designed to introduce our customers and partners to the inner workings of any AnubisNetworks product or service.

Through professional services, we also provide training for customers and the partners in achieving a qualified know-how of our products and services. Our extensive training programs will help you know your way around our platforms. From basic know-how to advanced knowledge of the inner workings of our solutions.


Professional Services

Our professional services manage the deployment of our solutions, including the integration with existing infrastructure and third party components. We also provide expertise and consultancy across a wide range of network-security related products.

Our senior professionals are available to work through technical, security and integration requirements, giving you the option of adding customized modules, specifically developed according to your technical requirements.

Email Security Consulting

Our technical teams are fully prepared to discuss with you details on the products and technologies you are interested and/or you wish to upgrade. 

Anubis' broader expertise in IT Security places us in a privileged position to advise our customers and partners on most network security related implementations and integration. Anubis is aware that our systems and technologies perform better if all the enterprise security ecosystem is equally good.

Our Professional Services are available for assisting customers and partners to integrate our solutions into a broader ecosystem of security. Leveraging our deep understanding of Network and Security principles, we can advise you on the best solutions you can use for your organization.


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